Our Mission

​​​Since the inception of Top-Notch Pool Management in 2011, our company has set one goal that we live by every day:

To provide Atlanta's highest quality swimming pool and spa service.

To accomplish this goal, we are committed to giving 150% to every job. Every weekly cleaning, every repair, and every customer interaction. Each and every service we provide to you, we are committed to performing that service with everything we have. 

We believe in providing the best service we can to each of our customers and accompanying that Top-Notch quality service with only the best customer service. When our customers call us with questions, they speak directly with a qualified and knowledgeable member of our staff who knows that customer, knows their pool, and is committed to assisting that customer with their every request.

While we specialize in weekly swimming pool and spa maintenance, our qualified staff can handle almost any repair that your pool may need.

There is no job too big, and no dream too wild. We are here for you, and we truly look forward to making your swimming pool or spa the absolute best that it can be.

Anywhere. Any time. Every customer. Every job.


​ - Ronny Barrett

   Owner, Top-Notch Pool Management

Lead Operator

​CPO Certified

​Certified Maintenance Specialist

Michael Lyon

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Account Manager

CPO Certified

CPI Certified

Ronny Barrett

Swim. Laugh. Love.

Eli Coleman

Lead Service Technician​​

​​CPO Certified