Automatic Chlorine Feeder Installations

A Chlorinator is an automatic chlorine or bromine dispenser for your pool system, far superior to placing sanitizer directly into a skimmer.

Adding sanitzers directly to your skimmer can cause extra wear and tear on your pumps and equipment, shortening their life span.

A properly installed chlorinator will:

  • Make maintenance of your system easier
  • Increase life span of pumps and equipment
  • Allow sanitizer to last longer, decreasing chemical costs
  • More easily control the level of sanitizer present in your water with fully adjustable settings
  • Eliminate fumes from chlorine as they are trapped and unable to escape the sealed unit

Pump Housing and Fences

We recently built this custom fence to enclose the pump system of a pool. It reduces any noise coming from the equipment and softens the industrial look of the pump system.

Has your pool accumulated staining over the years from algae, leaves, dirt, and other debris? Our staff has a remarkable track record in erasing many of these stains, and helping to restore your pool to its original beauty!

Using cutting edge advancements in pool chemical technology, we have developed a special system of treatment which can help to remove years of staining in your pool. 

Our process takes less than a day, and your pool will be ready to begin filling again by the time we leave! 

Acid Washing Services

We supply only the highest quality safety pool covering systems, with many options available ranging from color choice and strap spacing to material strength.

No matter the size, shape, or complexity of your pool, we can supply you with a perfectly tailored covering system that will ensure the safety of your pets and loved ones, and effectively keep leaves and debris out of your pool during the winter months.

Our staff is highly trained to ensure your cover is a perfect fit, and we can have your new cover professionally installed with the highest quality low-profile brass anchors in less than a day!

​​​Pool Covering Systems

Swim. Laugh. Love.

The border between your pool coping and deck needs to be protected!

A special type of caulking is used to fill all the cracks between your pools coping and decking. After years exposed to the elements, this compound decays and becomes brittle, and in many places breaks away completely.

When this happens... 

Water can now enter the spaces surrounding the structural shell your pool, causing erosion, 

and in extreme cases it can cause shifting of the entire pool. During the winter months, the water allowed into these open spaces can freeze and cause the shell of your pool to begin cracking.

We specialize in the removal of old and dry-rotted mastic, and we can neatly, cleanly, and effectively fill all of these spaces again to prevent any further damage and shifting of your pool.