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meet the pool guys and galS

Since the inception of Top Notch Pool Management in 2011, our company has set one goal that we live by every day, to provide Atlanta's highest quality swimming pool + spa service, maintenance, and repair. 

We stay educated on the most recent, cutting edge technology and methods to maintaining swimming pools and equipment.

That's why they call us Top Notch. 

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Team Member Since 2011

Certifications: CPO / CPI / CMS / Taylor Tech Water Chem & Testing


Ronny was born in Texas and raised in Cleveland, Georgia. He has a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu. His hobbies include whitewater kayaking and cooking. Favorite Movie is Interview with the Vampire. 


Certifications: CPO / CPI / CMS / Taylor Tech Water Chem & Testing

Michael is a native Georgian who lives in Waleska with his wife and dog. His hobbies include hiking, camping and playing classical piano. Every year Michael and his wife take their anniversary trip to rock climb somewhere in the U.S., but their favorite destination to hike and climb is the New River Gorge in West Virginia. His love for working on swimming pools began while helping his Dad build their above-ground family pool in 1995.”

Operations Manager
Team Member Since 2011
Lead Service Technician
Team Member since 2018

Certifications: CPO / Taylor Tech Water Chem & Testing


Eli is originally from New Jersey. He served in the US Army from 2008-2014 as a Paratrooper. Hobbies include rock climbing, sky diving, and gaming. He loves crazy hair colors. Currently it is bright pink.

Holly is from St. Pete, FL but caught the travel bug early on when her family moved to Hong Kong, she has since traveled / lived throughout US, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. She loves being a mom to a sweet baby boy, waterfalls, singing, and her Crock Pot Express. She has a Business Management degree from USF and a background in business to business sales.

Customer Service
Team Member since 2017
Repair Technician
Team Member since 2017

Certifications: CMS, Taylor Tech Water Chem & Testing

The first thing you notice when you meet Ricky is his deep South Texan drawl. He has been in North GA since the late 80s. Top Notch is his second career. His first was 25 years with Goodyear as a master auto mechanic. His poodle mix Gracie is his sidekick and you might even see her waiting for him in his truck.

David is from Mount Vernon, New York. He loves to play PlayStation and watch football with his four boys. A fun fact about David is he is right-handed, but all of his sons are lefties!

Service Technician
Team Member since 2019


  • Honesty is our policy. We believe in transparency, treating you as we would family.

  • We want you to love your swimming pool and brag about your pool service technician.

  • We don't believe in pool maintenance contracts, because it keeps the bar high for our team in being of value, quality relationships, and an integrity driven organization.

  • We only offer weekly pool service. We focus on your swimming pool, so you don’t have to.

  • We pour resources into our pool technicians. They are the front line of client satisfaction. Our team attends pool and spa industry conferences, ongoing classes by Jandy, Hayward, & Taylor Technologies, and are experts in chlorine and salt water chemistry.

  • We are digital. No more door hangers. Always striving to improve our internal technology and efficiencies to better serve you. 

  • We have dedicated pool equipment repair technicians and are top of our game at diagnosing and fixing your pool heaters, pumps, filters, spas, everything pool related. We are like the Dr. House of pool problems that no one else can figure out!

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